Robin Smith Ink - Rent my brain!

For an in-depth, detailed manuscript analysis my minimum per theoretical 250-word page rate is $ 4.75  for simple text. Send me about five sample ms. pages, 1200-1500 words, via e-mail attachment and I will do a sample edit on those pages and return them to you, edited and with my per page fee and  my feedback.
 When a full edit is complete, it will be returned along with a detailed analysis which will include a review of basic mechanics (spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice), evaluation of the structure, plotting, character development, logic and any suggestions I may have for strengthening the book. Any lengthy additional work or telephone consultations will be billed in most cases at $65.00/hour unless other arrangements are made in advance.
I can edit using the track changes function in Word, which is very flexible and easy to use, or I can do a more traditional edit on a hard copy with a red pen. There are pros and cons to both approaches. We can discuss the options in depth, and, ultimately, it's the client's choice.
Some projects will be billed on an hourly basis, like comprehensive reads, short stories, articles and essays. My hourly rates start at $55.00.
And  I can assist with fiction query packages for agents and in-house editors--comprised of a query letter, synopsis, and about 75oo words from the manuscript itself as a sample of the client's work.
Or I can guide a writer in the building of  a nonfiction proposal, starting with providing an overview of the process and some suggestions for good source material in building the proposal. Once the writer has a draft, I'll work with the writer to sharpen and tweak the proposal to heighten the impact of the proposal for an agent or in-house editor.
Pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Turn around time:
Usually 3-7 weeks
Payment terms
 The total amount to be paid for the edit will be mutually agreed upon at the onset. 
50% is due when a commitment is made to work together. If my schedule is full so there's a wait longer than a month, I ask for 25% when we initially schedule the edit and 25% will be due a week or so before I start on the edit.
The balance of 50% will be bill when the edited ms. is returned to the client upon completion of the work. 
Payment can be made by check, cashiers' check, or PayPal.  Other payment terms can be arranged.
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