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"Hiring Robin to edit my work before the world saw it was the smartest move I made with any of my novels. To paraphrase a popular credit card ad, I wouldn't leave home without her.
"Not only does she get the syntax correct with a minimum number of words, but she has a great eye for suggestions that help story lines and eliminate sources of confusion that can mean a still-born manuscript in the hands of a publisher.
"Robin guides the author in telling the story when it would be so much easier to be a rewrite artist. I highly recommend her. I know, like me, you'll be delighted and gratified when you use her editing skills on your work."
--W. Michael Farmer, Ph.D., finalist for a Spur Award for Best First Novel, finalist for a New Mexico Book Award, author of  Hombrecito's War, Hombrecito's Search, Conspiracy, and Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Robin Smith is professional in every sense of the word: precise, honest, and always insightful. While in the final stages of writing my novel, I wanted someone with a strong background and a fine reputation to edit my work. I chose Robin and couldn’t have been more pleased. Robin 'got' my story and the characters right away, and it was with that keen understanding that she edited my work beautifully. Besides being extremely talented, Robin is also a terrific person whom I now consider to be a friend. I can’t recommend her highly enough."
 —Beth Hoffman, author of the NY Times bestseller Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

"I had my first novel 'professionally' edited.   It reviewed well and sold well.  But the one negative comment I did receive from a reader who actually enjoyed the book was “needs an editor.”   So what had I just paid that editor for?  
"A few years later, as I was finishing my second novel, a good friend of mine, who was interviewing editors for a small press he was prospecting to purchase, recommended Robin Smith. Robin sampled the first few chapters of my second book and immediately pointed out some of the mistakes, bad habits and unprofessional punctuations that even a great writer simply can’t pick up on their own.  
"When I presented Robin’s final edited manuscript of my second novel The Planet of Mortal Worship to my publisher, it was nominated for and won the Editor’s Choice designation.  This designation is not only for literary content, but also for a polished and professional presentation.  
"Subsequently, as I met with my readers at book signings, more than a couple commented that my second book was “tighter” and more fluid than the first one.   This was due to Robin’s excellent and meticulous editorial skills that enabled me to refine my novel and elevate my credibility as an author to be taken seriously.  "Robin will give you equal measures of praise and criticism where it is warranted.  She’s not just “grading your paper” and she’s not just trying to make you feel good. She will review your work and tell you what she thinks, good or bad.  She’s made me a better writer as I now pick up on quirks in my writing only a true professional could point out to a writer.  
 "Read my reviews on Amazon and they are a direct reflection of the immeasurable contribution Robin makes as a member of 'my team.'  
" I cannot recommend her highly enough."
--Donald I. Templeman, author of Planet of Mortal Worship, Crilen and the War of False Prophets (published July 2014) and a new edition of the first title in the series, The Last Champion of Earth, coming soon 

"As a first time writer Robin's warmth, humor, depth of experience and high degree of professionalism has enabled me to move further in a short period of time than I would have believed possible.  Her notes and suggestions on each of the works have always been on the money."
--Michael Walling, award-winning author of The Bloodstained Sea, Choke Points, In the Event of a Water Landing, Forgotten Sacrifice, and Enduring Freedom, Enduring Voices
I found Robin Smith when I first looked for an editor in my home state of North Carolina. I was thrilled that she's an experienced NY editor who really knows her profession and has a keen eye and 'ear' to make my work better. She has edited six novels for me.
"Robin is considered one of the best editors in North Carolina and writing gurus have the utmost respect for her. I highly recommend her."
--Susan Whitfield, author of the Logan Hunter mysteries, including Sticking Point, published in 2014, as well as Slightly Cracked and Killer Recipes and A Sprig of Broom coming in late 2015

"I'm very pleased I found Robin to edit the English versions of my novels. Her great professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to maintain my writer's voice is invaluable."
--Vadim Babenko, finalist for the Russian National Bestseller award. author of Semmant, A Simple Soul, and The Black Pelican

Robin is "talented, smart. honest, very experienced and helpful. She's also a wonderful human being. I don't think there are any better."
--Gregory Plank, author of Saving the Saint Gregory and Black Dog Redemption
"Beyond Robin's technical skills with the written word, which are considerable, I think I most appreciate the direction she has given to me. We all want to feel that we have done what we could to give our words a chance of being published. I believe Robin provides that sense of sureness, no matter what happens."                       
--David F. Cook, author of Tales of Robin Hood, The  Adventures of Crow-boy,  The Piedmont Almanac, and coming soon The Laws of Paradise
“I found Robin Smith after months of searching for the right editor. What set Robin apart from the others was her refreshing approach to her work. Too many editors rewrite an author’s manuscript, often changing it into something the author hardly recognizes as his or her own. Robin preserves an author’s unique voice while improving the writing and content of a manuscript. Additionally, her analysis and suggestions not only strengthen the work, but also educate the writer. I was looking for an editor, but I found a teacher as well. Every writer should be so lucky.”
--Mary Frances Vesey, author of citizen g, At the Corner of Central and Canal, Beyond the Corner of Central and Canal

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