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The book publishing industry has changed radically over the last decade, but one thing still remains paramount: Whether submitting to an agent  or small indie house, or self-publishing your book, your manuscript needs to be as powerful and well written as it can be--and a good editor  remains an important part of reaching that goal.

After over twenty satisfying years in the book publishing business in New York City, I moved to Asheville NC in the beautiful Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains.
I brought my well-honed skills with me, and work with writers--from first-time authors to well-published professionals--to prepare their fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for submission to agents, in-house editors and  traditional publishers as well as self-publishers.

I get involved in any or all of the phases of the writer's journey:  outline, structure, content, plotting, logic, consistency, character development, line editing and/or copyediting.
I work with writers here in the United States as well as in other countries, including Japan, Malta, South Africa, England, and Canada.
My process is flexible, and I work with each client to develop an editing plan that is specifically designed for that client's needs.

Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone to discuss your project. I'll be happy to do a sample edit for you: no obligation or unsolicited  emails from me. Your book,  your option.

See the "Rates" page for details about the sample edit.
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